Welcome to our fabulous Kayak The Coorong Girls Adventure Day Page!


Kayak The Coorong Girls Adventure Day


Sunday 16th September 2018

9am – 2.30pm (approx)


Welcome to the Kayak the Coorong Adventure! We hope you are set for an amazing day!!

Here you will find important information about the trip, things to bring and what to expect. Please read through carefully and let me know if you have any queries. 

This is your go to page for all the information – all updates will be made here. 

**Please check here 24 hours before the event for any changes to our schedule etc** 



^^^Click on the above button to take you to the waiver. Please print out, fill in and email back ASAP

This needs to be returned to Mucha Adventure at least one week before the event.




9am for a 9.30am start

  • Come dressed in warm clothes, hat or beanie, sunscreen and boat shoes that you don’t mind getting wet. We recommend wearing a loose, long-sleeved top and loose and long pants in quick drying material, or if you have waterproof pants they’re also great for protection.
  • The Coorong is usually windy, so we also recommend a light wind/waterproof jacket to keep you warm and dry in the event of rain.
  • Pack a few layers so you’re prepared for any weather situation – even its its chilly,  it can get pretty warm paddling too!
  • Gloves are not really necessary but can help keep hands warm and prevent calluses or blisters.
  • A fresh change of clothes is always a good idea after paddling – so you’re warm and comfy on the drive home.
  • Pack a towel, and a drink bottle with water, but we will also have drinks available.
  • You are welcome to carry a camera and there will be dry bags available to keep them dry, but using your camera will be at your own risk…so hold on tight to that baby (Wrist or neck strap recommended)
  • There is a loo at the start and end of the kayaking but there will not be any to use during the kayak. We will be landing at a beach at Barker’s Knoll where you will have access to our loo bag, with toilet paper, trowel, hand sanitiser and sanitary bags.
  • On the kayak, you will only need your water bottle and camera/phone and other valuables that you don’t want to keep in your car. If you are bringing electronic car keys, phone or camera it’s a good idea to store them in a ziplock bag before putting them in a drybag – saltwater and electronics don’t really get along!


If you forget your drink bottle we have spares you can use, OR purchase one of our awesome Mucha branded stainless steel ones for just $20!

Thats 20% off retail and they are SUPER FABULOUS! 🙂



  • We will pack morning tea onto our kayaks, to be enjoyed out on our picnic.
  • We will receive a safety briefing and ‘how to kayak’ tips, before pairing up, loading up and heading off!


  • All kayaking gear and equipment hire – kayaks are doubles.
  • Guided kayak to Barker’s Knoll and short walk to the Southern Ocean
  • Delicious shared morning tea
  • A whole lot of support, encouragement and laughs!


  • We will meet at the Mundoo Boat Ramp (Mundoo Channel Drive) at 8.45am (see map below for directions), where we will finalise any outstanding paperwork and provide you with all that you need for the day.
  • Please allow at least 2hrs to drive from the CBD.
  • Look for the Mucha flag 🙂
  • Map and in depth details below



Make your way to Goolwa, then drive across the bridge to Hindmarsh Island (Randell Rd). Follow Randell Rd all the way to the Grundy Rd/Semaschko Rd intersection and turn right onto Semaschko Rd. Follow this road then turn Left onto Bongalong Rd, which turns into Murray Mouth Road. Then turn Left onto Mundoo Road and Right at Mundoo Channel Drive. You will find the Mucha camp in the Mundoo Boat Ramp carpark, accessed from Mundoo Channel Drive. I recommend familiarising yourself with the route the day before.

Don’t forget to join our private Facebook group too, and let it be known if you’re keen on car pooling!



Click the below link to the 7 day weather forecast – Please check the weather conditions at least 24 hours before the adventure.

 Hindmarsh Island Weather Forecast

NOTE – This event is very weather dependant. If weather conditions do not permit this event to proceed we have 2 contingency plans which will be implimented on circumstances current at the time.

  1. Change the event to Garden Island
  2. Revise the date and keep it at the Coorong

If we need to change our plans you will be given 24 hours notice. Please check this page for any updates.



Click the link below to join our awesome sisterhood of past and future Mucha Adventurers! Get to know your fellow participants. And if you’re keen to carpool use the hashtag #KayakAUG1118 to let the other girls know you’d like to connect! And a great way to reconnect with your new pals after your fabulous adventure!



Please respect your fellow participants’ opinions and beliefs.

Mucha is a safe and inclusive environment.