What is a Risk Assessment?

HAZARD = something with the potential to cause harm
RISK = the chance, great or small, of coming into contact with that hazard

This Risk Assessment is a careful examination of what, in a particular situation, presents a hazard and could cause harm to people. Once a hazard has been identified it is then a matter of assessing what the risk is in relation to that hazard. A grid system is then used to combine the two and give a graded level of risk LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH.

When that has been done the next stage is to think of ways to reduce / eliminate that risk. These are the control measures. Once the control measures have been implemented you are then left with the residual risk (or the risk could have been completely eliminated). The Risk Assessment can then be reviewed on a regular basis to assess a number of things e.g. are the existing control measures working, have any new hazards been identified, have any existing hazards been eliminated.

Importantly, to all participants, please respect the Ride Leaders. Without them, these rides would not be possible. Listen to the briefings, pay attention whilst on the road and feel free to contribute to the end of ride debrief.

Please read on and make yourself familiar with the contents of this document.
If you have any questions/comments/ideas do not hesitate to contact Mucha Adventure at mich@muchaadenture.com

All riders are reminded that they are responsible for their own safety, individuals take part in any group activities at their own risk. We strongly urge all riders to obtain appropriate 3rd party insurance as a minimum.

It should be noted that no liability shall be attached to Mucha Adventure (including its officials and volunteers) for any injury, loss or damage suffered.


Mucha Adventure Road Riding – Risk Assessment PDF

Risk Matrix PDF