Mini Mucha Adventure

Full weekends where we go away, often camping or some sort of shared accommodation. This includes most meals, snacks and drinks.

Life is short! Do stuff! These weekend adventures are sure to get your blood pumping and your face smiling! Getting one on one with nature is a great way to experience adventure and we are lucky enough to have the country to do it in! A fun filled weekend away you’ll be taking about for years to come! ¬†How does camping with awesome new friends, sitting around a campfire, singing (badly!) toasting marshmallows, cooking damp or baking potatoes on the fire and sharing amazing life stories with the other amazing women present sound? We have a great culture of inclusivity and you will finish the weekend with some beautiful new connections!

Examples of adventures are mountain biking weekends, kayaking, snorkelling, body boarding,  learn to surf weekends, houseboating, rock climbing school with hikes.


Upcoming Mini Adventures