Maxi Mucha Adventure

Want to break free and enjoy some quality time sharing fun and adventure with fabulous friends? Where you are no longer someone’s wife, mum, boss or employee? Where your inner child finally gets to have herown way! Maxi Mucha offers you that and mucha, mucha more! We organize low cost, multi day adventures that could be anywhere in Australia. A few days away from your real life and those soul sucking responsibilities. A few days where you get to run a little bit wild!

Where strangers become friends and friends become family. A multi day adventure in one of Australia’s awesome natural destinations with like-minded and supportive new friends that you will be talking about for the rest of your life.

Maxi Mucha Adventures include most meals and an array of accommodation, based on destination.

How wonderful to explore our amazing country in the company of beautiful, supportive, like-minded women just like yourself! We plan our adventures around our guests and we meet before hand where possible to get to know our new friends and traveling companions. The amazing experiences this country offers, coupled with blossoming life long friendships make these adventures a must for every woman with a spark of adventurous spirit! Highly recommended!

Examples of these adventures include  Northern Territory Experiences, Far North Queensland Get Aways and Western Australian Outback Treks.


Adventure examples include snorkeling with whale sharks, desert dinner under the stars, camel treks, live-aboard diving holidays, diving or snorkeling the great barrier reef, zip lining in the Daintree forest, kayaking the Glenelg River, canyoning in the Blue Mountains, white water rafting in Tasmania and many more.


Upcoming Maxi Adventures