Michelle is full of great energy and ensures everyone feels included in the activities.
Bonus is meeting other adventurous ladies and the activities are quite varied from dining, hiking, snorkelling with the cuttlefish in Whyalla too many to name.
Love Love Mucha Adventure and look forward to many more.


Mucha Adventure is the brainchild of the Fabulous Michelle, I met this crazy lady two years ago and have done sooo many things that I could never of done without her, she gave me the confidence to try knew things without being judged on age or fitness. I have kayaked with dolphins, abseiled, snorkelled with wild giant cuttlefish, rode quad bikes, all this and more in less than two years. Michelle’s spirit of adventure is addictive and I look forward to many more Mucha adventures.


Awesome day out Quad Biking Mucha Adventure you have done it again!!!!


Michelle is one of the most caring, compassionate and inclusive people I know and has a real affinity for women who want to build their self confidence, have fun, test their limits and hang out with like minded adventurous souls! I recently attended a weekend trip to Whyalla in South Australia to watch the cuttlefish spawn with her group. It was absolutely amazing. Everything was pretty much catered for, we stayed in the lighthouse cottage on the peninsula surrounded by a beautiful blue ocean full of frolicking dolphins and of course, beautiful neon coloured, shapeshifting cuttllefish, one of only two places on the planet that are close enough to the shore for us to eavesdrop on their babymaking. There was delicious food, great company, guitar playing and an opportunity to revisit all the old songs to bring back memories of times gone by. So much fun and it was totally booked out. Many great lifelong friendships made and barriers broken!


I have participated in many adventures with Michelle. Surfing at Yorke Peninsula, Abseiling and rock climbing at Morialta, and swimming with the giant cuttlefish at Whyalla to name a few. My next one is Quad biking and hiking. Not only do I love the exhilarating adventures, but because I work full time, I really love that Michelle organises everything down to the last detail. Buses, food, accommodation, and even caters where possible for my vegan lifestyle. Michelle organises professional and qualified instructors to encourage and assist us, and importantly, she pays great attention to the safety of each person. The women who participate in the groups are a great bunch, positive, kind, and supportive, with everyone just there to enjoy themselves and to push their boundaries. I highly recommend Michelle’s Mucha Adventure, you can’t help but have fun.


Being naturally introverted I was initially hesitant to join Michelle’s adventure group however I can honestly say that forcing myself to overcome my fears to attend has been one of the best decisions I have made in my lifetime. I have been on several of Michelle’s tours and events now and Michelle has always made me feel comfortable, safe and welcomed. She is a great organiser, leader as well as a fun loving, kind and caring person. Through the meet ups I have met a variety of interesting women and the connections have provided more than just a few fun times out. They have filled an emptiness that I had been struggling with for a long time. They put me one step closer to fulfilment.


Mucha adventure know how to put a smile on your face, so much fun!