What an amazing time we are living in! Gone are the days of no voting, slaving after men, doing as we are told. Gone are the days of keeping quiet, being good little girls, playing house and dull jobs!

It’s true, we do have a long way to go, for equal pay, for getting the top jobs, for society to take us as seriously as they do men. But we are on the path, and so many women before us have helped to build that path.

And this journey to adventure is another step on that solid path to equality!

Women all over the world are slowly waking up to their lives, their needs and their wants. Realising time stops for no one, they are standing up to be counted. Yes, we want adventure, we want fun in our lives, we want experience, we want fun and laughter and we want other like minded women to share these things with!

Welcome to a new revolution! Welcome to the Mucha Movement!


Michelle Treloar – Mucha Adventure