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Ladies! Register your interest here for the trip of a lifetime to Magical Morocco!

Mucha is currently putting an amazing Moroccan adventure together for women, taking in the stunning Blue City of Chefchauen, the busy city rush of Fez, the world famous Marrakesh Night Markets with it’s snake charmers and storytellers and the stunning beaches and ancient kasbahs of Essaouira amongst other breathtaking locations! Touring the country in our own minibus, staying at gorgeous riads, sampling the local food and immersing ourselves in the ancient yet thriving culture. Safe, caring, English speaking guides who understand our culture and will help make sure we have a fabulous time!

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  • When is a good time to come to this Adventure if not now?
  • How will this make you feel?
  • What fantastic accomplishments and stories will you have to share with others?
  • What words would you use to describe how awesome it was to experience this amazing adventure?

Mucha Adventure would like to challenge you to take up any opportunity you can, to do something that either really excites you, or really scares you, and know it will be worth every minute because women can do anything!

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