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Join Mich and Dee on a fabulous Coorong Kayaking Adventure!

Another girls’ only event where you get to enjoy the fun and support of other like-minded women while having an awesome time!

The Coorong is such a beautiful area and a really gorgeous place for a paddle.

Our day will start by meeting at the Mundoo Boat ramp on Hindmarsh Island at 9am where you will meet the other girls and prepare your kayaks for a day of fun and adventure. We’ll go through the basics and safety procedures and then you’ll pair up to pilot your double kayaks. We will get out on the water and paddle slowly over to a beautiful picnic spot where we will get out, share a delicious morning tea picnic and maybe even a hot cuppa! We’ll go for a little wander through the beautiful dunes and over to the seaward side to watch the waves crash into the shore. A delightful area, with ancient shell middens and the shifting dunes making for a beautiful backdrop for some fabulous photo opportunities! And talking of photo opportunities, while we were checking the area out for this event, we bumped into 2 friendly seals (a couple of times!) who were more than happy to pose and perform for us and the bird life in the area is absolutely spectacular! So don’t forget your cameras!

Do yourself a favour and take a little time out for yourself!

Book this terrific adventure, you’ll absolutely love every minute of it!


** NOTE – As this is a weather dependant event – if weather is not suitable for this event and or location we will either revise location to Garden Island or reschdule event for a later date. **




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