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Join the Mucha Crew for an amazing day at the Bluff! Imagine crystal clear blue skies, sparkling blue seas and you sitting atop a gorgeous green and rocky outcrop, having conquered a climb or about to abseil over the side…this is one of South Australia’s most beautiful places to climb, and you’re invited to join us! Even if you’ve climbed with us before, chances are you haven’t had a go on this awesome adventure!   Get the adrenaline pumping in a whole new way!

Get way out of upper comfort zone and enjoy every second of it! You don’t need to be a rock climbing star, you just need to have a bit of adventure running through your veins! This is not for the feint hearted, and you do need to have a level of fitness to scramble to the start lines. The beautiful thing a bout it is, you’ll have a whole bunch of girls giving you support and encouragement the whole way!  Lunch and snacks provided.

If you’re keen to give it a whirl  click the button below and join us!



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