Coronavirus – How is Mucha Adventure looking after you?

As we are now all aware, the coronavirus has been declared a worldwide pandemic and is impacting us all in our everyday lives.
As our government closes rank to keep us all safe, Mucha Adventure is monitoring the situation for all of our clients who have interstate and overseas travel plans with us until the end of the year.

Current status for Western Australia, New Zealand and Morocco trips are as follows.

Western Australia – Ningaloo Dreaming Whale Sharks and more.

Flights to WA are still open and there is no need to cancel or change our plans at this stage. This will be closely monitored, and those affected will receive notice in the first instance of any changes.
Note that you can carry a small bottle of hand sanitiser (up to 100ml) onboard but it will be a part of your usual liquid allowance for carry on luggage. We also recommend bringing a small pack of antibacterial wipes for your arm rests and tray tables. Face masks are currently deemed unnecessary for well people and can, in fact, harbour bacteria in the long run.

New Zealand (Wairarapa and Snow Bunnies) and Mucha’s Magical Morocco

Smart traveller has put New Zealand and Morocco on “reconsider your need to fly” status. These countries are still in the lower risk regions – at this Morocco only has one confirmed case and has closed its borders to Spain and France. New Zealand has six. Both much lower than we have in Australia. In regards to stopping over – passengers arriving at Dubai International Airport are being screened with non-intrusive thermal imaging technology as part of precautionary measures and a video posted to the official Twitter account of the Dubai Media Office said passengers from known high-infection areas are screened twice.
We are currently monitoring the situation closely, and we are not considering cancellation at this early stage – Note the dates are August, September and October 2020, so there is a bit of time to sit back and take stock on how these countries, and the stop overs, are managing the containment of the virus. Our main concern with the overseas trips at this stage is that we will not make the minimum numbers now, due to restrictions and cancellations.

With all of the above trips, if you are considering cancellation or may do in the future, please refer to your travel insurance ASAP. Mucha Adventure will do what we can to work with you and If you are concerned in any way, please feel free to contact Mich on 0406 091 988 or via email on