What is it about whale sharks and why do they make me happy?

So, what exactly are whale sharks? Are they a whale or are they a shark? And, if they’re a shark - do they eat people? Where do these mysterious creatures come from and where do they go? I’ve heard they’re huge, so how big are they? We’ll start with a few facts. They are actually [...]

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My bubble….

There was a glorious sunset on my drive home last night. Is it just me, I really do like driving in the country at night. There is something so surreal yet comforting, speeding down a dark highway in my little cocoon, sun setting behind me, my favourite music playing, a certain pleasure in my own [...]

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If not now, then when?!

When is a good time to start ticking off those dreams? What stories will you have to share? What will you accomplish on this journey? What new beautiful friends will you make? How will all this make you feel? Life is too short for sitting on the couch, and too short for regrets… Choose your [...]

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Welcome to Mucha!

What an amazing time we are living in! Gone are the days of no voting, slaving after men, doing as we are told. Gone are the days of keeping quiet, being good little girls, playing house and dull jobs! It's true, we do have a long way to go, for equal pay, for getting the [...]

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