Chief Adventure Seeker and Adventure Host 

Founder of Mucha Adventure

Mich was destined to be the ultimate adventure host!
As a child she always played the tomboy, finding the boys games and antics much more interesting than playing house or dressing up dolls. She had a gypsy-like childhood, moving countries several times and going to 17 different schools, including a boarding school aged only 7. She learnt a lot about what it was like to be the new kid, having to continually make new friends, work out where everything was, learn different things in the same subjects and generally how to quickly adapt into new environments and cultures.
After settling in Australia in her teens, she got married and had two kids. Around this time her life was mainly spent working full-time to help provide a home and stable environment alongside her hubby, for their little family.
Then her feet started to get a bit itchy and she was on the path to adventure once again!
After getting laid off from her advertising job for the second time in 3 years, she took a giant leap of faith and started Mucha Adventure. She had already been running adventures for women as a hobby, and they had been so well received it seemed like an obvious next step to turn doing what she loved into her everyday job.
Having a warm and friendly nature she has the knack of making people feel at ease straight away, she also has a bit of a sixth sense when it comes to understanding when someone is feeling out of place or excluded and she’s quick to act to ensure they’re brought into the fold immediately.
She has travelled the world extensively and enjoys all kinds of adventures. She believes you don’t have to brilliant at things, you just have to know enough to enjoy it.
And thats what she teaches at Mucha. The enjoyment is getting out of your comfort zone and doing that little bit more than you though you could. She loves to network and her daily motivation is to watch women succeed, especially out of their comfort zones and she absolutely loves to facilitate amazing new friendships with fabulous like minded women.


Thrill Seeker and Adventure Host 

Employee of the Month

The gorgeously cheeky Beck Moore joined the ranks of Mucha Adventure on 1st July 2019 and we couldn’t be happier!
Beck comes to us with a ton of life experience, having moved around Australia as a single mum with her kids while they were growing up, giving them all a fabulously rounded view of life, and finally settling back in Adelaide to ensure their high school years were kept stable.
Over the years she has competed in many team sports and has always enjoyed the community minded culture that they brought. In recent years she has become a Level 1 coach in Dragon Boating and inspires women in particular to get out onto the water and achieve more than they ever thought was possible. (An absolute must to be a Mucha Adventure Host!)
Throughout her life she feels she has been very fortunate to have had many mentors to guide her and is now keen to share that knowledge and her zest and passion for life with our beautiful Mucha Adventure girls.
She has a real knack for getting girls to step out of their comfort zones and motivated to achieve their goals.
Our favourite things about Beck are that she is very caring and kind and believes in a pay it forward ideal which resonates really well with our Mucha Adventure values.
And on top of all that Mucha goodness, she is also hilariously funny!
We feel so very fortunate to have Beck on our Adventure Host team!


Office Manager and Nap Taker 

Part Time Guest Greeter

He loves to welcome all our guests to Mucha Headquarters. His favourite things to do in his spare time are eating, snoozing, walks on the beach, carrots… oh and more eating.