Bringing like-minded people together through out-of-the-ordinary experiences to inspire rediscovery, growth and friendship.

Connection, Exhilaration, Friendships, Travel, Empowerment, Inspiration.

Our aim is to introduce like-minded women to each other so they can make life-long friendships and share amazing adventures together.

Mucha Adventure is about out of the ordinary, supportive, invigorating experiences you never thought you could achieve.
It’s about giving women a chance to grow and blossom in their own right.

It’s about realising life is short, we are not here forever and we don’t want to waste another minute not realising our life long goals.
Like travelling to that special place you’ve always wanted to go to, achieving that dream of jumping out of an aeroplane, hiking the Great Wall, flying in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon or swimming with whale sharks.
But also having a new fabulous like minding group of supportive friends to share these adventures with and building those friendships into a life long circle of friends.
It’s about finding that inner child and awakening her sense of fun and adventure.

It’s about doing it now – no more waiting – no more putting yourself last.

It’s about changing your life – for the better.

Life is way too short to waste your precious time sitting on the couch,

so join the MUCHA Movement today!

Meet the Mucha Crew

Mucha Adventure’s Core Values